If bookkeeping is so boring, why are so many small business owners doing their own books?

The majority of small business owners surveyed in Sage’s Financial Literacy Survey said they perform their business’ financial management tasks themselves, including invoicing (78%), payroll (58%), inventory management (55%) and accounting (52%). In fact, it has been estimated that small business owners and entrepreneurs are spending an average of 150 to 200 hours a year as bookkeepers. Why? Because they believe they cannot afford a full time bookkeeper.

With our cloud based accounting system you can have quality accounting services at a fraction of a bookkeepers salary. Our services are designed as a collaborative approach where you are in control and we do all the work! digital accountant℠ combines the functions of a bookkeeper and a shared controller. By combining our professional talents and experience with the efficiencies afforded by cloud based computing we are able to eliminate unnecessary overhead and thus make our services available at a very affordable price

Combining our professional experience with the efficiencies afforded through cloud-based computing, you have access to  quality accounting services  at a very affordable cost. The benefits of our digital accounting℠ services for the small and growing organization are:
The system will be customized to meet your organization’s  needs and capabilities. You will determine the extent of  the work you and your staff will perform inputting and processing financial information. The system will be tailored to you and your staff’s level of experience and availability of time. This minimizes errors, while ensuring that all accounting requirements are being tracked properly behind the scenes by our staff under the direct supervision of a CPA.
For example, you may want your staff to have access to a wide range of advanced capabilities such as Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation. Or you may want to limit their role to entering checks and deposits on screen. In fact you may want your staff to only scan bills and invoices and have our staff do the rest! The choice is yours and it may change over time.
Our  digital accounting℠ services are very affordable. Your cost will be significantly less than hiring a bookkeeper. The system is a cloud based system therefore eliminating the need to invest, maintain or upgrade expensive accounting  software systems. Our fees are fixed encouraging constant communication  with our clients without worrying about the cost of every meeting or consultation, resulting in better outcomes month after month.
Devote more time to growing your business
Any day, any time, anywhere. The system offers you 24/7 secure access to forms, documents and reports from any location with access to the internet.
Financial statements and other custom financial reports are prepared monthly, quarterly and annually promptly after the close of the accounting period.
Daily data back-ups are performed at multiple locations simultaneously to ensure access to your information in real time at any time of the day or night or year round. The system provides full integration allowing for easy transition to and from popular external accounting packages like Quickbooks and Peachtree.
The system incorporates the most sophisticated 128 bit-SSL encryption available today for data transmission. Servers located in secured data centers are protected by state-of-the-art intrusion detection systems.


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